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1) Vinyl Package - LP, DVD, CD, Transcriptions

The vinyl "box set" style package is NOW available, and includes;

16 tracks on an inserted CD
9 separate audio tracks on vinyl record
A digital download card for the vinyl audio with bonus material.
DVD documentary
Transcriptions booklet of some of the original songs & stories.

The entire collection is inserted inside an old style gatefold vinyl jacket.
Email directly for a copy of the complete collection from the US nightsinshanaglish "at" gmail "dot" com. Please specify which product you would like to buy.
LP cover Nights In Shanaglish

LP cover Nights In Shanaglish

2) CD - Jewel Case
The jewel case cd includes all 16 tracks, with liner notes. This promotional cd is available for €11 (includes p&p).

cd cover nights in shanaglish

3) CD - Digipak
A CD digipak version is now available, it has 16 tracks included in a slick six panel case. The image to the right is of the Digipak CD, front cover.

Purchase the CD at Amazon here:
amazon nights in shanaglish
Buy through Paypal:

nights in shanaglish digipak
4) You can also purchase the Digipak CD here:

Mp3s available from:

If you ask any questions about your order, please head over here to the contact page and drop us a message, also leave your email so that we can contact you.

There will be plenty of launch dates lined up in more locations later in 2013, where copies will be sold at a reduced rate. Have a look at the launch dates page for more information and updates.